“Miss, what do we do next?”

Is this a familiar cry in your lessons, even when you’ve just explained the next stage in a making task?…………..Well, help could be at hand!


In most schools, lessons are only one hour in length, but I expect like us, you try to make sure that students experience the basic skills from which they can build and develop their ideas.  In order to complete a worthwhile dish in the time available we have developed a number of strategies, one of which is a series of PowerPoint demonstrations which can be used to encourage independent learning.  Using today’s technology with laptops, projectors and white boards, these presentations can be a great support in the classroom.  All our recipes have been tried and tested with students in school and many can be completed in an hour lesson.


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This website will allow you to view and purchase a range of Powerpoint presentations for Food Technology lessons.  

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Welcome to all Teachers of Food Technology

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